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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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First, the company's philosophy is honesty, service and innovation.
1. "Integrity-based" indicates the company's value concept of establishing a business with good faith and taking good faith as the fundamental management, winning the trust of customers by good faith, gaining new customers by good faith and striving to maintain long-term cooperation.
2. "Service as the root" shows that the company's cultural industry and technology industry are both services. In order to meet the cultural and technological needs of customers, providing high-quality services for customers is the foundation of the company's growth.
3, "innovation is the soul" marks the company's constant pursuit of innovation and innovation to win the value of competition. Innovation in product, system, management, technology and competitive strategy. Innovation is the driving force of the company's development and the soul of enterprise management.
Two, the spirit of the company: integrity, development, unity and dedication.
Three, work standards: the pursuit of perfection, do the best.
The pursuit of perfection, the best work standard is to emphasize that all employees must establish a sense of excellence, with perfect standards to measure their words and deeds; every thing to strive for 100 points. Every employee is required to devote 100% of his or her energy to his or her work, pursue 100% of his or her work quality and efficiency, and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Four, safety management policy: safety first, prevention first, scientific prevention, comprehensive management.
Five, cultural concept:
1, enterprise tenet: honesty, pragmatism, efficiency and refinement, striving for quality and serving the public.
2, enterprise policy: quality of survival, enhance management standards, to meet customer requirements.
3, business policy: quality first, reputation is the most important, management is the foundation and service is sincerity.
4, quality policy: quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous reform, the pursuit of excellence.
5. Quality objective: the pass rate of product inspection is greater than 99%, customer satisfaction is greater than 80%, and the annual increase is 1%.
6, development strategy: to meet challenges with excellent quality and perfect service.
7, the spirit of enterprise: integrity, development, unity and dedication.
8, enterprise belief: 100% refined steel, brilliant.
9, enterprise style: down-to-earth and steady development.
10. The common desire of enterprises: to create the Chenlong brand with our hands; to cast the Chenlong brilliance with our will.
11, the core values of enterprises: achieving common prosperity.


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